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Flora and fauna assessment of the Tafelberg Research Paper

The Tafelberg is included in a protected area since 1966: the Tafelberg Nature Reserve. 
In 1998 this nature reserve became part of the much larger Central Suriname Nature 
Reserve (CSNR), which is also a World Heritage Site. Because of the inaccessibility of 
the mountain, only few expeditions have visited the area (Tab. 1). Most expeditions were 
botanical, only the 1979 expedition by Hoogmoed concentrated on zoology. However, 
this expedition partly failed because of the dry circumstances on the mountain (the rainy 
season started late). Consequently, we hardly know anything of the fauna of Tafelberg. 
The establishment of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and its selection as World 
Heritage Site make it necessary to improve management of the area. In the mean time 
also accessibility of the Tafelberg has improved by the use of helicopters. As a 
consequence, more tourists and others are visiting the area, thereby increasing the 
pressure on an area which vulnerability is hardly known. 
In order to improve our knowledge on the flora, fauna and ecosystems of the Tafelberg 
the National Zoological Collection (NZCS) and the National Herbarium (BBS) planned 
two expeditions to the area. These expeditions are financially supported by the Suriname 
Conservation Foundation. The first expedition was carried out between 10 and 28 June 
2003, the second, after some delays, between 23 March and 7 April 2005. 
This report on both surveys, although the final report, is preliminary, because insufficient 
finances are present in this project to arrive at complete identification of all organisms.

Area of interest: Suriname

Year: 2005

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