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A comparison of terrestrial large-mammal communities between Brownsberg, Raleighvallen and Coesewijne, Suriname Research Paper

Data on terrestrial large-mammal communities were collected in the Brownsberg 
Nature Park, Raleighvallen/ Voltzberg area of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve 
and the Boven Coesewijne Nature Reserve. In the Brownsberg Nature Park we 
worked on the plateau, at approx. 500m elevation, in an area with limited illegal 
hunting. The Raleighvallen/ Voltzberg area is a lowland tropical rainforest, where 
hunting does not occur. The Boven Coesewijne area is a mosaic of savannas and 
savanna forests with hunting carried out by the local community. The mammal 
communities of Brownsberg and Coesewijne were most similar, probably related to 
the relative dryness of these areas as compared to the swampy Raleighvallen site. 
Several species that were only observed at Raleighvallen show a preference for 
swamps. Hunting in the Coesewijne area was reflected in low numbers of ungulates 
and large rodents. On the contrary, carnivore diversity in Coesewijne was high. 

Area of interest: Suriname


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